Game-Journals: WoW (Antikata)

Of course the delivery of those messages was not the end of my involvement. I am sent back out of the city on further missions, nearer home than I had expected. At least one is near Brill; there are supplies there I have use for, and I have yet to learn well the paths of Undercity. ------ This is embarrassing. Abigail does not have what I need. I think I must return to Undercity already. Fortunately the twilight paths of Tirisfal Glades are quite pleasant to walk. I wonder if anywhere else could compare? ------ Even more embarrassing, I was standing right by the tailor when I left. If I'm not sharper than that I'll be dead again soon enough. Took up cooking while I was there. I can create food easy enough, but I've heard the process of cooking can be a very enjoyable experience itself and I want to find out. Mail from guild-members too, new robe and boots - I feel very out of place now being so brightly dressed, but they are very good clothes. And a wand! That will come in very handy next time I am out of mana. I am writing this sitting on the fence by the monastery road, looking down to Brightwater Lake where I'm to steal a lich's spellbook. Deep breath- no, I don't breathe any more. But nervous. I was only an apprentice before I died and now they want me to bother a lich? I better go now. Waiting doesn't make it easier. ------ That was surprisingly easy. Is that what he calls powerful? I would have expected something more... overwhelming. Going to try Agamand again. ------ Things were different this time. Must have changed their assignments, or maybe the new tricks I learned got me through. But I got the skull, that's taken care of. Nothing left but delivering a letter to Silverpine and then I can get back to my studies. I wonder if we should be killing the Scourge. There is no difference between them and us except that we have our will back - there must be some way to break the hold on them too. I think I should avoid destroying potential allies where possible. Perhaps as I grow greater in magic I will learn to break them free myself. An arrogant thought, perhaps, but my knowledge has expanded vastly since my reawakening, and why not hope?