Game-Journals: WoW (Mistpaw, Starlost)

Mistpaw New mail today from Vorlock and Starlost, did not disassemble into anything especially interesting. Still waiting on silver rod from Starlost. Going back to sleep. Starlost Finally made it to Loch Modan, think I found the guy I was told could show me what to do with this bear meat I found... hope it hasn't gone off by now. This is a nice area. It feels much happier than Bloodmyst. I think I will come back here after I finish helping out there. Sword is nice and sharp and sparkly. Rawr, swish! Miss my pretty copper armour tho. I guess this stuff is better but I feel all drab. :( Better get back home, they need me. Wish I could fly back. Maybe mine more on the way? I feel weird. This is where my sword came from, from the ogres across the loch, but this is my first time here. I couldn't even pick it up not long ago. Maybe someday I can take it all the way back home to visit! ------ Darkshore is beautiful. ------ That was a lot of smelting... and I got a new hammer for my collection. But we must get back to Blood Watch. I have a princess to save! ------ All this running around is making me tired. But we are new to this world so I guess we gotta go to the dwarves an' elves an' humans to find out how to cook the weird creatures here. ------ Back to my own made pants now, yay! Prally should go sleep now.