Changelog for 22 November 2009


  • Had Pazi run some functionality tests on the test server. For the most part, things seemed to work, but it's not where near as elegant or usable as I want...
  • Enabled additional modules: Markdown, Flags, Freelinking:
    • Markdown helps to provide a wiki-like input syntax. I'm still debating if I should enable that by default or not. 
    • Flag allows for the ability to mark content as several preconfigured flags. I'd like to build a Like/Share/Follow function around it, but this is still in the experimental phase. I may disable it for the prod site until the feature is more developed. 
    • Freelinking isn't a new module, as we've had it for a long, long time before. It allows internal links to be added for specified content types. I want to use this to create the wiki links function. I thought for sure the basic functionality was handled by wikitools, but maybe I'm wrong?
  • Investigated some UI changes for node links. There's still a lot of cleanup needed here...
  • Not much else going on today. This weekend was utterly exhausting and I haven't the energy to do anything productive with it. I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend for resting and additional deninet work. But for today, I need to throw in the towel.