Changelog for 19 November 2009

  • Fixed some issues with the new global image view. I'm not sure exactly why the derivative thumbnails didn't rebuild correctly after updating the image module, but going to the Files and Sizes control panel and resubmitting the form seemed to work. 
  • The empty page text for the global image view was also changed to use a Notice message box and to list more sensible reasons why there were no images to display.
  • I figured out why the create images link did not show up on the global create content page. It turns out that the menu item for it was disabled -- as opposed to something more complicated like the module failing.
  • Created the deninet-dev channel on the test site. That makes another content type functional. Eventually, this'll propogate to the production site. My thought is to use it in a similar way that I use Tiddlywiki while on assignment for work. I can write bullet-point lists of what I did that day. Hopefully the entries could prove a useful reference in the future.
  • Tested blog posting and LJ crossposting. I guess that works...