OSNews Podcast #22 and Site Whingeing

Catch Croc, Thom and I duke it out on the topic of the XOrg implementation on the OSNews Podcast. I can't help but chuckle a bit each time I'm referred to as "the Linux chick" in the podcast comments. I found it so humorous that I decided to take a look at acquiring a domain name themed around it. Alas, they've all been bought up by parking services. I can, at least, create a channel for it... I have been meaning to set aside time to work on deninet for several weeks now. Unfortunately, by the time I get to the weekend I find myself collapsing like a run-down wind-up toy. Despite my ambitions, it's clear that I need the rest. What really got me thinking yesterday was the results of several web searches on blogging tips. One article in particle was about ten things you should consider prior to starting a blog. The more I looked at the list, the more I began to realize how many I no longer met. Needless to say, I found this a bit disheartening. Then I began to wonder, Did I ever meet those criteria? I have been maintaining an online writing presence for many years now. Years before the term "blogging" was even invented. Why is it that I was so much more successful in keeping regular updates compared to now? For most of that time, I was a college student. I had more down time, but no less stress (just different stresses compared to now). I was somewhat less inhibited about writing. I wrote more often and was less concerned about crafting each and every sentence. What really is wrong with the site is not that it doesn't have a purpose, or the features are undeveloped, or any of that. It's simply that it's not updated enough. Regular updates make up for all the other problems.