A really tough chair

tess: *thinks about getting you a collar again* trice: *yips, goes even redder* tess: Black and leather, thicker, but still loose and comfy. tess: Silver medallion hanging from the center, flanked by two little wings. trice: *presses hand over own mouth to keep from making family-disturbing sound* tess: ^^;; trice: That. Seems so. Lovely and detailed. *swoon* tess: That's just what came to mind. ^^; trice: *giggles and thinks cannot easily tell people at library, wife is thinking of getting collar for* tess: Now I'm having this image of myself as someone that hangs out in BSDM bars and other "unseemly" places. trice: Khee. I've never actually been drawn to attend such a place, but I'd go for curiosity. tess: More so, this dichotomy of my daily self being rather reserved and professional, and my off-hours self being a slum-lord maven. trice: But you'd pull it off so well. ^^ tess: Maybe when I'm post op. tess: If I allow myself the thought, I'm getting quite sick of being so strapped down all the time. I can't even *think* freely anymore due to self-imposed restrictions. trice: I am really looking forward to you being post-op, mainly on the idea you could be freer and happier with yourself. tess: Then again, you could say that this period is also rather important as well. I'm being put under enormous strain, and I'm seeing what I'm really made of. trice: Tesstanium. A tough and hopefully resilient material. tess: And if I look at it that way...I..like what I see? tess: This thought is confusing. tess: Heh, Tesstanium. You can use it to build...a chair or something. tess: But it'll be a really tough chair! trice: Yep!