She may have a point.

tess: I haven't even *opened* my writing folder in a long time... trice: Do it tonight? Please? trice: Write: "Tess AshFeather sat at her writing desk and did not know what to do ..." tess: You can't be serious. ^_^;; trice: Sure I can. tess: I'm doubt that'd accomplish much. trice: Main thing is, write anything? Write some trash. trice: Take up a little project that doesn't mean anything trice: Or give up writing until you change your mind about giving up writing. tess: Given my schedule lately, it might be better to give it all up. trice: Main thing I am worried is, you seem not only stressed in general but stressed and guilty about not writing. Like it is something you are obligated to do and are failing at. tess: Aren't I? trice: Obligated to write? tess: Sure. trice: Why? And no. tess: I led people on about my projects. I provoked interest unnecessarily when I couldn't deliver. trice: They're your projects. trice: Not ours. trice: You feel obligated to make them not because people insist but because you feel required to satisfy any and every perceived expectation of performance on yourself, yes? tess: ...yes. tess: What am I worth if I'm not doing that? trice: Worth marrying.