Napoleon and his Keyboard

trice: Maybe I should just sleep and let iTunes take however long it needs to install the latest version... don't know why I still have that program anyway.
tess: It's not a bad idea.
tess: (Really, the solution is to get you either more memory, or a more resource conservative OS. *wants to fix*)
trice: Or both. P:
tess: Or both.
tess: Trice needs a proper linux laptop.
tess: Even if I could send her one, it'd have US keyboard. ^^;
trice: Are those different?
tess: Good question.
trice: I usually assume my layout is US when presented with options, seems to work okay
trice: New external HD, new batteries, extra RAM.
tess: New 'top entirely.
trice: Get Skype working properly, Wine for playing World of Warcraft with Niwa, and then I guess I am mostly set...
trice: Oh? Entirely new?
tess: At that point you might as well.
tess: It sounds like yours isn't the best anyways.
trice: It is about 2 years old now.
tess: Hm. Looks like the Aussie english layout is merely US. Huh. Well, isn't that cultural imperialism? (Or merely convenience?)
trice: Yeahhh. :-/
trice: We use all the same letters, just some are pronounced differently. :P
tess: I rather like how my Trice pronounces them. ^_^;;
trice: ^^;;
tess: Now this has me wondering, if Layout en-US and Layout en-UK are imperialist, what should we call them instead?
trice: Layout Imperialist-A and Imperialist-B?
trice: ... you can see how the attitude gets. :-/