Character Profile - Simian



Birth Name
Ralph Vernada

Simian is France's older brother, seventeen years of age. He's of average height, but thickly-built and quite muscular. He seldom talks much anymore; some of the alterations left him feeling less connected to speech than most people. Although he's quite reserved with his words and tends to convey only necessary information, he's very intelligent (the equal of his sister before she got overclocked) and remembers far more than people suspect. He's quite knowledgeable in a number of areas. His sense of loyalty is rather dog-like; he pays inordinate attention to the social dynamics inside the farm and trusts everyone in his ingroup with his life. He is deeply suspicious of people outside it, however, and doesn't even feel comfortable around people who leave the ingroup for a long time and then return. Simian wears an olive green canvas trench coat over grey-khaki pants and a black turtleneck.

Simian was altered extensively, both physically and neurologically. Most of his obvious personality traits stem from the changes wrough to his brain; he's playful and kinetic but has little or no empathy for those he doesn't know. He dehumanizes strangers very easily and has no compunctions about hurting or even killing; he's also very good at wargames and hunting, and these two traits have heavily reinforced one another. He heals quickly from even severe injiuries if given enough to eat, and more drastic repairs to bones and organs can be effected by immersing him in a special catalyst solution. His skin and joints and certain muscle groups are made of an immensely-strong material, and his physical strength is comparable to that of a chimpanzee. Finally, he's almost helplessly responsive to certain command pheromones (bottled and used by Facility personnel).