Character Profile - Gadget



Birth Name

Gadget is an eighteen-year old young man originally from Manitoba. He's tall and thin, with short, curly black hair and an olive complexion. He has a skewed personality; easygoing and respectful on the surface, but a bit neurotic and confused by his role in life. He's ambivalent about the program; his geeky tendencies offset his lack of motivation enough that he comes across as average rather than a slacker. He dresses simply -- jeans and a t-shirt when he can get away with it, a black hooded sweatshirt, and sneakers.

Gadget has been engineered to accept cybernetic implants particularly well. His histamine reaction has been altered to respond favorably to a wide variety of synthetic and organic materials; he adapts to new devices in a very short time. He can also receive donor tissue with any set of histocompatibility markers. Over time, he's had a large number of devices installed: A subvocal radio, GPS, diagnostic monitors for all his vital organs, wireless transceivers of the sort used by modern devices, a mathematics coprocessor, several types of internet connection, and a sort of personal computer made from cultured-neuron chips connected directly into his brain with myelin-sheathed electrodes.