I was wasting time this afternoon after my workout as any internet-addicted tech head would -- by repeatedly clicking the Stumble! link on my browser toolbar. After a few clicks, it came across one of those ubiquitous design sites that frequent my StumpleUpon surfing. 

This one was featuring clever business card ideas. I've seen several pages showcasing similar content before, except that this one gave me an idea. I've toyed at making a business card for DE before, but little ever came of it.

For a while the idea of making a business card for the site seemed silly, even taboo given the audacity of creating such a thing. I often felt I was the only one actively contributing to the site. Today it simply seemed like a neat idea; a clear picture had already formed in my mind.

In the end, I put together four business cards, one for each of the deninet staff members. The "job titles" aren't official, but correspond largely with what I had in mind for Denizen Entertainment in general. I blurred out the email address fields on each card in the above image for the sake of privacy.

You'll notice that each card has a non-standard form factor. Edge-to-edge they are the standard US card size, the unique edge helps it to stand out without being too unique to fit in a standard card case. Site userpics were included on each card to give it a unique personality as well as emphasize the internet-centricity of the organization.