Where does the site/organization name come from?


I ran across the term "denizen" after finding a old children's book entitled I am Leaper. I had never seen the word before, and the archaeic sound of it intregued me. I pulled out a dictionary and found it meant "citizen or inhabitant". I found this rather congruent with my personal attitudes and was instantly fond of the term.

Some months or years later when I became interested in computer programming, I felt I need a name under which to label my software projects. This came to be known as denizen soft. Originally it was to be a small shareware organization dedicated to writing software for the Mac. Later, I became interested in alternative OSs, particularly BeOS. Eventually, denizen soft became a bit famous when we attempted to create a cinematic RPG called City of Light: InterLock.

We broke into the Internet with our own site in 1999. I used all gift money I received for my high-school graduation to pay for it. A friend and I were planning to share the domain name. As a result, I needed to come up with something both short, and more generic than simply denizensoft.com. Eventually, we settled on deninet, standing for "The Denizen Network".

During the height of InterLock development, my friends and I wanted our organization to be something more. Instead of just software, it was to be a "creative co-operative". Toward that end, we relaunched the website into deninet 2.0, and changed the name. After much debate, I took to the suggestion of denizen entertainment. Our logo reflects this change by incorporating the "brick" of the original Denizen Soft logo. The letters "DE" took the place of the brick's shadow, borrowing from the red gradient used as a background.

The fame of the InterLock project was short lived. With the demise of the BeOS, an excess of ambition, and a variety of other reasons the project came to a quiet end never having seen a release. The site name stuck until a few years after college, when I gave up on the idea of having my own company altogther. I renamed the site to a denizen's entertainment, reflecting the notion that I no longer considered the site more than a personal blog.

Today, the defintion is a bit more nebulous. Denizen Entertainment is the name of the organization behind the A Denizen's Entertainment, our website.