Notes from this morning


Cleaning house today. Our neglect has turned the place into a stye, and if we want to attract a new roommate after Morgan leaves, this place needs to look like someplace a person would want to live.


So, in other news, I've decided that "Pazi" is now commonly-enough used to refer to me (both in person and online) that it will not merely be recognized if adopted by others, but in fact marked as the preferred mode of address. You are still quite welcome to use "Sam" (or "Samantha" as you prefer), but use of "Pazi" will be met with quiet smiles.

No, I'm not planning on changing my name legally (again). No, I haven't experienced an identity crisis and decided maybe I'm someone else after all. You're free to observe or ignore this request as desired.

In an attempt to provide some actual information about this decision, I will simply say that "Pazi" is a name I've used for a while now, in a very limited sort of context, and along with a few other names, feels self-correct in at least some situations. The name itself doesn't mean anything special, in any language I'm familiar with (though a cursory search of google suggests it's a common word or name in at least several...)

I mentioned above I have not had an identity crisis - -that's true, but my identity has been undergoing some shifts, as I find my way through the situation that's defined my existence up until fairly recently. This is simply an expression of that, and you're free to ignore it -- current naming conventions are backwards-compatible with previous editions of this self, and older editions will continue to be supported for the sake of everyone's sanity. :p


Getting rid of books is so difficult...these ones have followed me around for ages, and either I've never read them (and in all probability, I never will), or I no longer consider them to fit with my collection, or (most frequently) they're just not important enough to me that I want the burden of moving them around again whenever I finally leave this place. It's melancholy work, and I don't know where I'll take them yet to ensure they have good homes...