Problems, and what to do about them


One reason it is very easy for me to break down, and lose control of my life due to stress, is because of all the pre-existing sources of stress and frustration I already have on my plate, every day. In particular, there are a number of health and debt matters that are holding me back in my life, and which may be too great for me to tackle on my own resources...but they still can't be ignored, because they are simply too important, and too potentially-debilitating if not addressed, to risk leaving be.

I'm going to break these down as follows...


-I have several cavities that haven't gotten treated, for lack of insurance (or cash to pay the uninsured costs)

-My gums are in a sorry state; I floss them but they're infected enough (see lack of insurance) that it's difficult to treat them. Even a week's worth of antibiotics would make a tremendous difference in terms of the active infection

-I need my crowns tightened; the front one is loose and could come out at any time if I'm not careful.


Mental Health:

-I could use a psychiatric diagnosis of Asperger's would probably help me to seek services from the disability offices at school, making my academic life potentially much more successful, and also be an asset in case I need to press on this point with work, for any reason.

-I would like a professional opinion in matters of drug type and dosage; I'm on buspirone right now, but is this appropriate? Obviously something to be careful of as well, but at the moment it would help to at least open the door

-Ongoing therapy could hardly hurt me at this point in my life, which is far from the worst I've been but also quite vulnerable to shifts in circumstane.

-Case management? I've been considering this, as it might be helpful. I feel slightly ashamed to admit that, but...that is why this is viewable only by trusted people.



-Not much; I just need to see a doctor and get a prescription for some new eyeglasses. Functional ones, that fit my head more comfortably. (Cute is preferred; a pair of glasses usually helps me with passing as well...)


Weight/Blood sugar

-I need to be reading my blood sugar daily. What's stopping me is I don't know how to do so reliably. Websites and other diabetic people I know tell me my blood sugar levels should indicate I'm prediabetic, or even diabetic. The couple of doctors I've seen, don't. They generally make light of the levels I report, even though I encounter strong other symptoms (blurred vision, sore feet, fatigue, fuzzyheadedness dependent on what I've eaten and when). I don't know how to make sense of my results; none of the doctors I've seen impressed upon me that I should place much *confidence* in their assessments; I would normally dismiss websites and anecdotes from friends in many cases, but we're not talking random websites--I find this info in venues by major world and national health organizations--and the people in question are usually quite experienced with the matter in question, heaving dealt with it most or all of their adult lives (or else recently, in the past few years). I don't understand the disparities between one source and another, and it has me on edge and nervous. I want to know where to get good information I can trust, and I'm confused about how to do that and terribly bewildered.

-Eating habits: Not much to say here; these are changing for the better, even if they're still not as finely-controlled as I'd like them to be. I binge when scared, depressed or angry.


-I need to see a specialist about my wrists and arms, and see what they recommend. It is neither healthy nor pleasant to be in such pain all the time.


-I need to pay off my credit card; it couldn't hurt to start doing monthly payments on the student loans either, if I don't wind up back in school next term. These make me nervous, so I've neglected them.

And some other things as well...exercise. Academics.

Grf. Too much stuff. Not enough Pazi. Why can't I be more like this tortoise?