Ganbatte! is Japanese, and it means an exhortation to "Press on!"

There's nobody else who will take care of any of the stuff in my life for me. If it's more than I can manage, I suppose I'll have to struggle and stumble along as best I can.


On that note, things I've done today:

-Started working on the coursework I had unfinished at the end of Spring term; my goal is to fulfill both my Incompletes in the next couple of weeks. Chinese may take longer...

-Finished processing my application at a school that offers student loans. Maybe I can make up the difference in income lost during the school year and so sustain myself even during the off season. It's also closer to work (though not home).

I'm still depressed, and it's difficult to even move right now. The attentions of Trice and Kimiko, plenty of tea, and sheer stubbornness are about the only things impelling me to action. If not for a very peaceful night's sleep (and some lovely dreams; one involved Trice and myself taking a holiday together in British Columbia), I don't want to think about how useless I'd be right now.


I found a shiny new language. I wants to learns it.

I've already started. I can now speak several sentences, including "Hello, my family!" upon returning home, "This is my library", and "My girlfriend has nice breasts." I can also sternly command the cat to leave the room in an aggravated tone.

And what more could you need, in any language?


(Also, I had no idea how many place names here in the Puget Sound were taken from it!)