From Bad to Worse


Things just got more difficult. Chettewut will not hold a locked in price indefinitely. If I were to make the $7500 in April, I would have to have the procedure by September. The prices go up again in September.

If that's not enough, he's made the weight requirement even more strict. Now it's your height in centimeters (180), minus 100 (80), plus 10kg. Thus, 90kg -- 198lbs.

That's 78lbs I have to lose.

If I'm up to 10kg over that (220lbs, 55lbs I have to lose) I'm charged an additional $1000. Up to 20kg over (240lbs, my original goal), that's $2000 more. Above 20, no surgery period.

Now I'm facing prices climbing even higher and an additional weight charge unless I resort to extreme measures or a very tricky time schedule.