Miki and Rasa watch a Movie


Sometimes I really enjoy peeking in on my characters...

Miki: What are you watching?
Rasa: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.
Miki: (surprised) Eugh!?
Rasa: Jesus comes back from afterlife to save the Canadian Lesbians against the vampire menace.
Miki: You're joking.
Rasa: B00007CVRX
Miki: What's that?
Rasa: Amazon's product code for the DVD.

Miki: How did they get so many Atheists into one jeep?
Rasa: Without all those beliefs, you can really pack 'em in.
Miki: And how are they losing!? Jesus's fighting is horrible!
Rasa: But as the son of God, Jesus's Kung Fu is always excellent.

Rasa: Huh. I didn't know you could use the renial system as nunchucks...

Rasa: And, credits. It's good to know that Jesus got laid in the end.
Rasa: What'd you think? Miki? Miki!?