Weird Thought of the Day


Occasionally, I have odd thoughts in the morning while I'm in the shower. I suspect it's because my groggy brain tends to free-associate completely unrelated thoughts.

For whatever reason, I came upon the following question: Assuming the Klingon women mensurate -- Memory Alpha doesn't say -- how does their warrior culture interpret this?

Back in college, I noticed that the cultural anthropologists I read about seemed to make a big deal of one's Monthly. While it is largely a taboo subject in the West outside of women's-only support spaces, this isn't always the case in other cultures. In Japan women are allowed to take days off simply for the fact they are having their period. Some Tribal cultures sequester women into a special hut for the duration of their period.

When I discussed the Klingon women with a friend later this morning, she suggested they may gain a temporary gain in rank.

To which I replied, "We bleed the blood of the slain victims of unborn warriors?"