Her Nimble Fingers


Mental note: Never leave your laptop in the precariously hanging last tray on the conveyor to the security scanner. Those conveyors tend to back up too. The tray flipped over and landed square on the monitor with a slap. The right-arrow key popped off, but after a through diagnostic, everything seems fine. It managed to play an AVI from DVD, an MKV from the hard drive, and render a scene in Blender without dying. I even managed to pop the arrow key back on.

I must be more careful. Next time I might not be so lucky, especially when I'm staring down a month of work in North Carolina...

If I'm not mistaken, my plane is already here, sitting at the gate. They've fueled it and I can here the ramshackle buzz of a dot-matrix printing the flight's paperwork. With any luck, I'll be on the tarmac on time.

This last week at work was very, very odd for a variety of reasons. One, I was at the office and did not have a client. This hasn't happened for months and months. This, however, was only to set the stage in oddity: A head sales person took me out to lunch as a "thank you". The second-in-command informed me that I had developed a "cult following" for my dashboard views (they're like the Master System Board on the Enterprise). Furthermore, the graphics I produced for them are going to make it into the next release provided that it requires two CDs. Then later in the week, she came to me and told me about how she had tried to grab me from my department to work on development. Development. Unfortunately, my department is keeping me throughly busy, as you can guess. They don't want to give me up to go work on a replacement of a major component of the product.

Insane. I realize that some of you will say, "You shouldn't be surprised! You're good!" It's just a difficult thing for me to take. I grew up believing that I will never amount to anything, nor will I have the opportunity or inclination to do more than skulk around my native Minnesota. The last year seems to have proven me throughly wrong.