His Hidden Purpose

Dad: I did it, bought a new hard drive.
Tess: Excellent.
Dad: Seagate SATA 500Gb
Tess: Heh, you even listened to my advice about seagate.
Tess: Where do you find that?
Dad: Yap
Dad: It did not work at first
Tess: You probably had SATA turned off in the BIOS or something.
Dad: Correct, I called your brother and he remotely logged onto my computer and found the problem, right away.
Tess: Now I get it.
Tess: THIS is why you bought us both computers when we were little. All that free tech support!
Tess: Admit it!
Dad: ATA controller was turn off and had no driver installed.
Dad: Correct again.
Tess: Figures. ^_^