DiscordiaComic.com to make a return?


It seems that the webcomic Discordia is prepping for a return to publication. The comic has been silent for months, the last post being a guest strip from Tselsebar of The Wotch: Cheer!. While I enjoyed the comic during it's active months last year, I was saddened to see it go cold.

Discordia (the comic, not the religion), ranks among other unwitting transformation comics such as Abstract Gender, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, and the mighty Misfile by Chris Hazelton. The story centers around Drew, a struggling graphic designer with a bit of a lady problem. His previous girlfriend seeks revenge aginst him, seeking to hurt him in any way necessary. She eventually finds a way by locating a cursed statue of Discorda (the goddess, not the comic). The statue supposedly contains the spirit of Choas itself and is in the possession of an aging history professor. A struggle ensues, and the statue is inadvertantly broken. The spirit is released, and Drew's former girlfriend demands her revenge.

And it is granted, although not exactly as she expected. The next morning, Drew wakes and notices something different: She didn't remember being female when she went to bed... Meanwhile, Drew's former girlfriend has been transformed into a baby and rapidly grows into a young girl who calls herself Schism.

I had been checking the site regularly for a while hoping for an update. When I visitied earlier this week, I noticed that the site had undergone a complete rebuild. The empty comic area was filled with randomly typed characters. Most of the site design seems to be inaccessable at this moment. The archives are also unavailable.

I would love to see this comic make a return. *crosses fingers*