So, here's the plan:


With all the attention I've been giving to setting up Drupal and, I haven't had much time to work on Novella. In fact, the time I had given myself to put up the site has bled over from three days to a week. As a result, I'm now short a week for working on the story.

Part of the goals I decided upon for Revision 5 included the establishment of web technologies for the project. Originally, I had planned on using WordPress and a specialized theme for the site. Since discovering Drupal, I've decided to change that strategy a bit. Now the project doesn't really have it's own "site", but is a section of the main page.

How does this work? Instead of running multiple content managers co-currently, will run just Drupal 4.7. This means there's one CMS for the whole site, irrespective of the project. All projects will be located in at This address doesn't point to an actual directory, but is automatically redirected by Drupal to a general project page. I've included a link in the header that points to the project page. This makes things quite a bit easier for me, since I don't have to wrangle too many pieces of technology to get it to work.

The same idea is applied to the projects itself. Novella: College Journal Manga is located at Doesn't this mean that the page would have to have the same appearance as the main page? Actually no. I've found a module that will swap the theme for Novella content to another theme. I just haven't developed the theme yet. :-P

If it becomes necessary, I can split the site using Drupal's multi-site ability. I really don't know why I'd need to do this, unless if I want to completely isolate both the main site and novella itself. Personally, I'd rather keep the site organized in the way I've described above. I am a little worried about this decision; if Novella becomes very, very popular I'd have to go through a lot of mess to divide the site, and I'd rather not if at all possible.

I'm intend to move my attention from the website and back to the Novella Outline over the next few days. Most of what I've described has already been done. I'm still fiddling with the category system to get it set up just the way I want, but I'll figure that out soon. Figuring out what to do with the outline, however, is a fair bit trickier.

I'm honestly a little lost with it. I'm not quite sure what I really want to accomplish in this revision, and it's only a five weeks away from publication. My writing muse seems to have gone missing lately.