Her name is Rei


I have a curious habit. I name my computers. Usually, I name my computer after an character I like after an anime I've recently watched. When I bought my vaio, however, there wasn't any characters that I liked enough. So, it when unnamed for a while. My work laptop was having some troubles, so I decided to bring mine instead. When I'm traveling for work, I only bring my Vaio, since I'm far more comfortable with it. While working in my cube, I looked over my shoulders and found myself looking directly at my poster of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth.

And suddenly I knew what the machine's name should be: Rei. After Ananami Rei in the series.

Finding a background image was a bit tricky. She's the first machine I've owned to have a widescreen monitor, and most of the monitors out there are formatted 4:3. Eventually, after a few google image searches, I found this one.

Even though this is supposed to be the "screenshot" category, I have a reason for the full photograph. Part of what influenced the desktop choice was the look of the machine itself. I felt that by posting a photo instead, that effect would be better conveyed.