Ditching the Fitbit Flex after Three Years

After three years and four bands, I think I may be done with my Fitbit Flex.  It's not that I hadn't enjoyed it. At first, the additional data about my activity was interesting, and several times it did encourage me to get in additional walking. The silent alarm turned out to be the best feature of the device. The week-long battery life still leaves it as a competitive device in the wearable field -- quite an achievement three years after it was introduced! For three years the thing lived on my...

About the iPad Pro

Planet of the Apes © 20th Century FoxiPad Pro © AppleYesterday, Apple announced the iPad Pro, my first thought of course was, "why?"  The tablet market has been sliding for a while now, thanks to the normalization of larger and more capable smartphones. Apple famously said their original 3.5" iPhone form factor was "the perfect size", and that remained the party line until after Jobs' death. Shortly thereafter, Apple made the iPhone bigger, and then created a extra-large edition to...


I was in a bit of a tinkery mood today. Originally, I was intending to spend the day coding after once I was finished with groceries. Instead, I wanted to work with my hands. Coding and typing on a keyboard simply doesn't satisfy that craving. I had the idea a few days ago to take one of the Raspberry Pis and put the media center software XBMC on it. Parts: A Raspberry Pi model B. An HDMI to VGA adapter -- the TV only had one HDMI input and it was already occupied by the Chromecast.