Something new

It seems ABC Classic FM is broadcasting Wagner's ring cycle, with one instalment each Sunday evening. The station streams online so anyone who wants to listen is able to, if they can get the time and day right. I have never heard Der Ring des Nibelungen before, only a couple of excerpts, so I will be listening with great curiosity. Admittedly my preferred format for opera is 'audio-visual, with subtitles' but I still want to hear...

Sorting music

When I get a fancy into my head, generally it is very difficult not to follow through on unless so long or complicated that others may in time replace. For example: creating playlists for music by nationality of the artist or composer. And anyone who does not avail emself of escape gets to read thoughts prompted during the process. I do things like this because I am curious if anything interesting will emerge - will I on listening to these lists discern some sort of national character, or will I not?


Just been listening to Love History by Sylvie Symbiosis and remembering how much I missed her music when lost my copies. Recommended to anyone who doesn't hate electronic music and microsampling. Or, presumably, others who wouldn't enjoy. But I am enjoying lots so I assume others will too. Her music can be had so far from Although if there are other distribution channels that would be nice to...

Songs, and things like them

Listening to music again, of which I'd forgotten how vital it can be. Aanyway, listening to 'The Ballad of John and Yoko' again reminded me of the time my 4th grade teacher had the whole class learn and sing that song. Mainly that one sticks in my memory of all the songs she had us sing because for that one she struck out the word Christ from the chorus. I think she replaced 'Chris' with 'Lord', since you pretty much have to for the song to make sense. It is after all John Lennon talking to Jesus,