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How does Drupal 7 Work, Part 3: drupal_bootstrap()

Click here to read Part 1.

Click here to read Part 2.

When looking at Drupal code, it can be hard to know where to start. Dive into any of the directories in a standard installation, and you'll find file after file of PHP code. In the root directory alone, you'll find five files! Where do we start? Determining this is quite simpler than it seems; all you have to do is look at the URL of any Drupal site. 

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Gender-Inverted Babylon Squared

My gender-inverted version of the famous Babylon 5 "Fasten then Zip" scene from the episode Babylon Squared.

Garibaldi: Mind if I ask you a question?
Sinclair: Sure.
Garibaldi: Okay, it's morning. You get ready to go to work. You put on your bra. Do you clasp in the front and then twist it around or just clasp it in the back?
Sinclair: What kind of question is that?
Garibaldi: Look, we got two hours to kill...
Sinclair: Forget it!

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Deninet Tweaking

Yesterday I took the opportunity to poke at the production version of deninet -- version 6. While there wasn't anything to fix, the site has certainly seen a lack of maintenance since I put my eyes on deninet7. 

First off, there were several modules that were enabled, or simply installed, that weren't being used. Given my recent explorations into Drupal's guts, I've learned an enabled but unused module equates to wasted instruction cycles. I pulled out the modules, and cleaned up what small gaps that remained.

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Existentialism, Haiku, and the Tablet Age

The morning is a fertile ground for colliding thoughts. You're still groggy from sleep, and your mind isn't focused enough yet to drown out the noise it usually generates. Often, this state drifts me into the absurd. Laughter can usually be heard from the house bathroom as the bizarre thought collision reaches its zenith while I shower. 

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Kaijucast also, next ep. soon!

One of the podcasts I follow is Kaijucast. It's a fun show about Godzilla and all his rubber-suited foes. I wrote a quick blub for their lastest Daikaiju Discussion -- Space Amoeba. You can hear it around the 38 minute mark. Kyle was kind enough to mention Filmmonger! Thanks!!!  

You can catch the full Kaijucast episode at:


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Getting back into Amateur Radio

One of my first hobbies -- even before programming and computers -- was Amateur Radio. It was so early in my life that I do not recall how I discovered it. I do remember that I did so independantly. I wasn't introduced to the hobby by an "Elmer", and only was able to read about it in books. 


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