City of Light; Goddess of Water

Santa Monica Pier at NightMy feet were wet. The cold water of the Pacific numbed them as I felt the sand beneath my nylon ensconced toes give way as the waves came and went. I had never seen the ocean. I had stood along the shores of Lake Superior before, gazing out at the onyx waves and gray of the Midwestern sky. This, however, wasn't Duluth, Minnesota.This was the Santa Monica Pier, California. The words of my co-worker echoed in my mind: “There's nothing but water between here and Japan.” 5000


Originally, NieA was called "Endohana Spings". She was dual booted with Windows 98 SP2 and Mandriva Linux. I named each after a character in the anime NieA_7 ("NieA Under Seven"). Windows was the formal although stressed Mayuko, and Linux was the eccentric NieA.Eventually, I came to use Linux as a primary OS and dropped the name...