His Hidden Purpose

Dad: I did it, bought a new hard drive. Tess: Excellent. Dad: Seagate SATA 500Gb Tess: Heh, you even listened to my advice about seagate. Tess: Where do you find that? Dad: Yap Dad: It did not work at first Tess: You probably had SATA turned off in the BIOS or something. Dad: Correct, I called your brother and he remotely logged onto my computer and found the problem, right away. Tess: Now I get it. Tess: THIS is why you bought us both computers when we were little. All that free tech support!

Paper Girl delivers the news, "Novella is Dead."

The title, Novella: College Journal Manga is several years old now. I first used it back in mid 2002 when the first editions of the so-called "Draft 2" comic were published. It fit with the writing style I had at the time, but I've grown tired of it over the last few years. Today it seems an ungainly string of words as well as plain.Today I prefer short titles. You can see in many of my blog entries that I often choose a single word as a title. The word chosen typically refers to something in, or...

Wait a minute. What!?

Appearently, the graphics I made for a client are going to be in the next release of my company's flagship product.  I think I need to lay down -- the room is...

Roses are Red?

Back in July I visited the International Rose Testing Garden in Portland, Oregon. I had taken my camera hoped to post pictures that evening. Needless to say, I didn't quite get to...


Earlier this week I decided to pick up my copy of Interview with the Vampire. I needed a book for my trip to Ohio, and the vivid and articulate words of the characters were a welcome delight. It wasn't just for travel reading or writing quality I had chosen it from my library. Interview fall within a category of books I had read too quickly. I had recently reread Dune, Heretics of Dune, and most of Children of Dune for the same reason. As I had watched the film first and read the book afterward, I...


Sometimes I still find myself in this state. There's this peculiar feeling like something scratching at my thoughts in the back of my mind. It seems difficult to think of optimistic possibilities. Instead, I can only think of the dread over the distance of those possibilities. Then, a stray thought. Often it involves a vague sort of self-denial, something that set's the proverbial bar just that much more out of reach. Perhaps I'm too "damaged" to think myself worthy of good things.


Effective this minute, tessflynn.net is officially dead.I've been mulling over this decision for the last few months.  I originally bought the domain on a whim, not considering the possible implications of having my legal first and last name as a website address. It's not that my name is out there, no doubt it already is. My real problem is what I post here.I would like to keep this site as open as possible. In order to continue to do so and to post trans-related material such as Paper Girl, I...

Minneapolis from the City Center - Part I

The IDS Center in Minneapolis as seen from the City Center. You can see the Foshay Tower to the left. Pity this picture is ruined by the interior reflection from where I was taking it. Minneapolis, like many metropolises, is an interesting combination of old and new construction techniques. The contrast of a smaller beige building to the right seems like a diminutive stone besides the wall of ice of a modern skyscraper. Winding...


I just realized that I may be able to have $5k in my surgery fund by the end of the year. $6k provided there are no huge surprise expenses and the travel keeps up through October as planned. The next question is, just how much do I really need?


One second before 9am on a Friday morning in January 2001, I sat at my desk and clicked a "submit" button. I had just finished reading my morning list of websites including Slashdot. One of the stories mentioned a site I had never heard before named LiveJournal.com. I forget what the story was about, but I was instantly intrigued with the idea of online journaling. Until that point, I had written primarily in my paper journal. The subjects varied from programming ideas and reviews of the day,