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Writing and not writing

Conversation today had me realising how much longer it has been since I wrote much. If asked I would have said the last time I got much writing done was 2010, which is plenty long ago as-is.

But I went back and looked at my old writing logs.

2007: 49,251 words, about half of which went into writing the only (short) novel I've ever actually done.

2008: 19,523 words, mostly going into finishing aforementioned parody novel and an abandoned serial project from the previous year - should try reviving that someday.

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Story Sorcing

Been trying to write something that I call sword and sorcery despite not having read in the genre so far as I can recall, which makes me a bit uncomfortable[1]. Think I've rambled about that before and concluded since I am not aspiring to rigid genre adherence as an end in itself,  but rather am wanting to write something self-satisfactory inspired by popular conceptions of the genre, that isn't strictly necessary.

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Roguelike Roulette [Spin 1, Slot 3a]: Ascii Sector

 new game, load game, movie player, quest maker, options, quit

Ascii Sector is not precisely, I think, a roguelike. Rather it falls into the nebulous category of roguelikelikes, in this case a game presented via ascii graphics and with some randomised elements (I believe), but lacking in permadeath and with less procedural generation than is typical of roguelikes. I think.

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Adventures in trying to watch things: Galaxy Express 999

(obviously I start with this one because it is the oldest. we'll talk about that problem some other time.)

As the first item in my list of anime to watch, I figured I may as well get on with sourcing it. How does that go?

Quickflix: no results, so I'm not subscribing to them yet.

Madman: no results, but then I'd rather not buy something on DVD without knowing if I like it - the space it would occupy is a bigger reason to hesitate than cost in the long run.

CrunchyRoll: yes, but region-locked so that I can't watch it (same with Hulu).

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In which I do a pointless list thing

A while back I asked for some recommendations on anime to watch, mainly because I feel I have a much better handle on English language productions to watch, whereas a lot of contemporary interest in anime bypassed me for various social and financial reasons. Well that is true about a lot of other media, but those have more easily drifted to my awareness.

Here's where I'm at now, although further recommendations continue to be welcome.

Currently watching:

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KMS S&S 0.0.2

[458 terrible words. content - I suppose you could pretend there's a sense of menacing suspense, if you squinted? trying very hard to keep going forward and not go back and edit, despite there's some setting details to edit in that could maybe be an excuse. written in November for NaNoWriMo and that's as far as we got.]

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Feeling very stressed since I got back. I had been aspiring to get back to doing a lot of writing this year, but with school I've been feeling squeezed out. I don't have the spare mental capacity to work on the harder parts of writing, like planning or editing. I have tried to keep back the hour between 23:00 and 00:00 to myself but all I can manage is a sub-par stream of whatever comes to mind, and I write slowly at the best of times so it isn't much.

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Brought to you by the department of a few weeks ago, and also this morning

Been staying with a partner who has gone back to playing World of Warcraft and all this exposure to the game has been getting me twitchy for relatively free-form adventuring around some sort of big, open world. But I don't at this time want to re-open my subscription to that game because I'm not sure I can afford that ongoing expenditure and if I can there are other things I'd rather put the money toward. So I'd need to be better off than I think I am by a couple of times over.


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